WordPress versus Joomla

WordPress versus Joomla!

The main differences and similarities


Joomla has TinyMCE installed by default, a WYSIWYG editor. If you are familiar with editors, this one will work for you.

Since 2019, WordPress has been equipped with a brand new Drag & Drop editor, Gutenberg (but also has TinyMCE for users who prefer it). Gutenberg is still under development, so new features are gradually being added. The move to Gutenberg was one of the most visible changes of WordPress 5 from 4.

Many Joomla users swear by an editor that has been around since the start of Joomla, namely JCE: a very complete WYSIWYG editor. It doesn't look that fancy, but it can do a lot.

Drag & Drop is also available for Joomla

As a WordPress user, are you fond of Gutenberg and is that what keeps you from switching to Joomla? Then we have good news: you can also install various Drag & Drop editors for Joomla. One can do less than Gutenberg, the other much more. There are free and paid Drag & Drop editors.

Source code / HTML

With both systems it is possible to switch to the source code and work in HTML.

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